How to Properly Clean and Maintain Cedar Roofs

Wood has a natural, rustic sophistication to it that millions of homeowners from various locations use it to beautify and complete their homes.


From wooden furniture to hardwood floors, there’s no denying that aside from beauty, wood has so many other advantages over other materials in terms of longevity and strength.


Roof shingles made from wood, also known as cedar roofs or cedar shingles, are also widely used because of their aesthetic properties, incredible life expectancy, and wonderful insulation properties. But, just like any other roof type, cedar roofs require proper care and maintenance for it to be able to reach its maximum lifespan of around 30 to 50 years.


Since cedar wood is made from natural material, you can expect it to decay, be infested by fungi, or attract different insects. Therefore, your maintenance steps should always include prevention of these elements.


Moisture is among the primary enemies of your cedar roof. You should prevent prolonged accumulation of moisture within your cedar roof shingles. In order to do this, you have to make sure that your roof is free from any debris that will prevent it from being dry – like tree branches and leaves. Leaves will cover parts of your roof and will delay its drying. Ensure that you get rid of any leaves and branches stuck on your roof and gutter.


To be able to remove algae, moss, and fungi, you have to soft wash your roof. Make sure that you don’t power wash it and keep the pressure to a low. Scrub your cedar roof gently with a brush to remove any trace of these unwanted components.


To battle insects, you may apply insect repellent treatments on your cedar shingles. There are various insect repellent treatments readily available on the market – there are even ones that can protect against ultraviolet rays.