Roof Replacement Versus Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning


For some homeowners, seeing some issues on their roof is a sign that it is in need of replacement. In some cases, this could be true. But how do you know if it’s time to have your roof replaced or if the problem may be remedied by an in-depth cleaning by professional roof cleaners?


Once you have encountered a problem with your roof, whether it be sagging gutters or discoloration of shingles, there is no doubt that a total replacement of your roof will solve the problem. However, roof replacement can be really expensive and requires a lot of work. It can be stressful as well because it will bring about a significant amount of mess and disruption to your daily life.


Roof replacement isn’t just composed of simply installing a new roof. It requires tearing up your old roof, too. Thus, added work and added expenses when it comes to labor. So, for a number of reasons, even though roof replacement seems like a perfect fix to roof issues as it would eliminate the problem completely, this is not what roof experts would recommend the minute you notice some problems with your roof.


Roof cleaning is typically recommended by many roof contractors, depending on the roof issue. At times, as soon as a homeowner sees black ugly streaks on the roof, they immediately think about replacement because of algae growth. But algae is actually an easy problem to deal with, in the hands of expert roof cleaners.


Not only would experienced roof cleaners be able to remove those black stains on your roof, they can even protect your roof so that you won’t have to be faced with the same problem in the future.


In determining whether or not your roof can be saved by a thorough cleaning, consult a roofing contractor. Otherwise, you might be spending a fortune on a premature roof replacement you don’t really need. For an expert opinion call Delta Roofing