Asbestos Roofing

Asbestos Roofing

Asbestos. For some of us, when we hear that word, we immediately think of one thing: danger.


Asbestos is a substance widely combined with construction materials a long time ago. It was popularly used in pipes, insulation, walls, and roofs. However, in around year 1960s, several studies have uncovered that asbestos can have numerous harmful effects to the health of individuals constantly exposed to it.


Still, asbestos did not gain popularity as a building material for nothing. Asbestos roof tiles, for instance, have excellent properties.


Asbestos roof tiles have superior tensile strength – which means it will not easily break down when hit by rain, hail, branches, wind, and so on. It is also long lasting so you can depend on its longevity. In addition, an asbestos roof is an outstanding insulator so you can easily maintain the temperature inside your home. Resistance against fire is another wonderful quality of asbestos roofs; you can have peace that your family and your property won’t easily be harmed during a fire.


The dangers of asbestos lie on the possibility of its particles being inhaled. Asbestos particles are extremely small that they are basically invisible to the naked eye that’s why inhalation is not often noticed. But, as long as asbestos is intact and not exposed in any way, it is not dangerous.


To be able to make an asbestos roof tile, asbestos is mixed with cement. Therefore, unless you have broken the asbestos roof tile and released asbestos particulates in the air, the asbestos content of the roof tile would not be inhaled.


Today, though, asbestos is not commonly used for building new structures anymore; the material was even banned in numerous countries. But if your property is an old one, it is possible that parts of it contain asbestos. If you have old asbestos tiles, you can still get to enjoy its benefits; just leave all the roof inspection, fixing, and cleaning job to certified individuals to protect yourself from harm.