Taking care of a home doesn’t only call for keeping it well cleaned on the inside; you have to maintain every inch of your home – up to your roof.


Thousands of homeowners are not getting to enjoy the supposed maximum lifespan of their roofs because of improper maintenance and inadequate cleaning.


Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning can clean your roof and perform minor restoration to bring back your roof’s pristine condition.


Well-equipped, well-experienced, and well-trained – that is what we are here at Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning.


Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning has all the tools and equipment necessary to get rid of even the tiniest, most stubborn of dirt, mold, mildew, and grime on your roof in BC. We have a wide selection of first rate cleaning agents and techniques that are designed to remove unwanted dirt without causing damage to your roof.


Thirty years of cleaning roofs in BC has rendered us more than enough experience to know the ins and outs of dealing with any type of roof: cedar, metal, asphalt shingles, concrete, and so on.


The Blue Ridge Roof Cleaning professional cleaners are all covered by insurance and have completed extensive training – we can guarantee that no amateur will handle your roof.